Which Light Duty Gantry Crane Is The Best One For Your Business?

If all you need for your business is the smallest possible gantry crane that is available, you should get one that is a light duty model. It’s going to be optimal for your business, especially if it is smaller, and you don’t have a lot of room. Although shops might be ideal for this particular type of gantry crane, it might be better to use it in certain areas of your warehouse. Although you probably have others that are designed to move the larger loads, sometimes pallets of material need to be dispersed or placed in different areas. Here is how you can decide which light duty gantry crane will work best for your business.

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What Does A Light Duty Gantry Crane Do?

First of all, these are portable. They will have rollers so you can move it around. There will be locks so that it can stay stationary as you are getting it ready to lift the load. The loads that it can lift can be anywhere from a single ton up to 10 tons, perhaps more. It’s for light work, lifting objects that a larger gantry crane simply not be necessary for. If you have a warehouse, or a material yard, this would be ideal. Additionally, since they are so small, you could actually take them to different locations when necessary. https://www.gantrycranesales.com/light-duty-gantry-crane/

Different Types Of Light Duty Cranes

There are different types of these gantry cranes that you can purchase. As mentioned before, some of them are portable. There are also the adjustable type, and also semi gantry cranes. You can also get truss gantry cranes as well. They have a span length of about 6 m giving you plenty of room in between to use the trolley that can move things back-and-forth. Additionally, lifting height can be as high as 6 m as well, allowing you to do small jobs without any problem.


Where Can You Get Some Of The Better Ones That Are

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Some of the best ones tend to be from countries outside of the United States. It’s not just because of the price. There are businesses that have been producing these for decades and know exactly what they are doing. Plus, they have access to all of the materials that will be necessary to build them for less. Saving money is usually why people go to countries like China to get them. However, it’s also for the quality of the products that are manufactured. If you do need a light duty gantry crane for your facility, this might be the optimal place to start searching.

The cost of these cranes will be several thousand dollars. You can save money by simply comparing all of the businesses that do have them available. If you are ready to purchase one, go on the websites of the gantry crane manufacturers. See if they are currently running any specials. If they are, take advantage of the cost savings for both the product and the shipping and have yours shipped out this month.