Types And Benefits Of Ready Mix Plaster Plants

Small and large ready mix plaster plant is used for producing ready mixed plaster – a type of construction material. It’s also referred to as a ready mixing mortar plant. With rapid development in the construction sector, there’s a growing demand for this ready mix plaster. Consequently, the demand for the plant is rising day by day.

So what’s a ready mix plaster and what are its uses? In a nutshell, it’s a popular material used in building and industrial material. It could be used as gypsum building products, cement retarder, medical food additive, model making, paint filler, paper filler, and a lot besides. Ready mix plaster has excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, and features fireproof performance.

Models and types of small and large ready mixing plaster plants

Basically, you’ll find three types of dry mix plaster mortar plant – A simple plant, semi automatic plant and the fully automatic model. Each of the models has its uses and benefits. Let’s take a look at each model briefly.

Simple plant

As the name signifies, this plant has a simple structure. Also, it’s able to achieve only basic functions. Obviously, such a plant comes at a low cost compared to the fully automatic model. It’s made up of a lightweight mixer, packing spiral, and material warehouse. This kind of model is ideal when you’re just getting started in the construction line. Ideal for low production, a simple plant makes a perfect fit for smaller construction projects.

GJ05 ready mix plaster equipment

Semi-automatic plant

In addition to basic functions, the semi automatic model is capable of performing some extra functions. The production capacity of the plant is also higher compared to the simple plant. Plus, it has better environment protection features. A typical semi automatic plant includes a weightlessness mixer, bucket elevator, material warehouse, premix material warehouse, air compressor system, dust remover, and controlling system. Although priced higher than a simple mixing plant, this kind of plant is appropriate for medium level construction projects that need to be completed quickly.

Fully automatic plant

Such a plant is a great choice for a fully automatic ready mix plaster  machine where large scale ready mix plaster is required. It consists of a high-speed mixer, automatic controlling system, material storage system, elevating system, conveying system, packing system, premixing system, self diagnosing system, material controlling system, and air compressor system.

You can also add a drying system, crushing system, screening system, and an additive controlling system depending on your needs and requirements. This model requires less manpower and has better environment protection features. Although a bit costly, the fully automatic plant has the highest production capacity, allowing you to finish the tasks in a lot less time.

Features and benefits of ready mix plaster plants

These modern construction plants come with innovative features and present appealing benefits to users. Some of the important advantages are listed below.

GJ10 ready mix plaster machine

Small coverage area

Heavy duty construction plants usually occupy too much space. The ready mixing plaster plant, on the other hand, takes up little space. Even if you’ve a small area, you can use this plant to mix materials for your construction project.


Small or large ready mixing plaster plants are highly efficient. They adopt modern innovative technology to deliver satisfying results. The better production capacity along with minimal wastage further boosts the efficiency of the equipment.


Depending on your investment and needs, you can choose a simple, semi automatic or fully automatic model. Priced in the modest range, the mixing plant lets you recoup its cost within a short time due to better production and reduced wastage.

Longer life

A ready mixing plaster plant is made with high-quality steel. Consequently, it has stronger wear resistance and higher strength to stand the beatings of usage. Once bought, you may expect to enjoy its services for many years.

Bottom line

Small and large ready mix plaster plant can be highly useful for any construction project. Whether you’re involved in building construction or some sort of infrastructure projects, these plants ought to be in your list. Low ready mix plaster plant cost, improved mix quality, higher efficiency, etc are some of the advantages of buying a ready mix plant. For these reasons, the ready mixing plaster plant is a favored choice of a majority of builders and constructors.