Features And Benefits Of Overhead Crane

An overhead crane which is commonly referred to as a bridge crane is a type of crane that is mostly used in industrial environments. It’s a type of lifting equipment for hoist materials over the warehouse, workstation, and stockyards. Overhead cranes consist of parallel runways and a traveling bridge that spans the gap. If this bridge was to be rigidly supported on two/more legs, then it would be called a gantry bridge. An overhead crane runs longitudinally along the rail on both sides. Bridge cranes are essential tools and pieces of equipment for mechanization and automation in modern crane transportation and industrial production.

Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Components of an overhead crane


  • (a). Steel/body structure- This includes parts like the bridge structure, trolley structure, and the operating room.
  • (b). Crane traveling mechanism- This consist of the four traveling wheels, that is, two driving wheels, and two driven wheels.
  • (c). Lifting mechanism- This includes the hooks and the set of the drive system.
  • (d). Trolley traveling mechanism- This is where the motor drives the vertical involute gear reducer
  • (e). Other parts include the buffer, gear rack, and the crane conductive frame.

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Classification of overhead cranes

They can be classified according to the following broad categories:  

  • By girders
  • By tons
  • By occasions
  • By types
  • By capacity


Overhead cranes are composed of single and double girders.

  • -Single girder overhead cranes have one bridge beam and can be applied in different work occasions like in a factory or a warehouse. It uses its lifting mechanism CD1, MD1, and other electric hoists.
  • The double girder overhead crane is made of more complex and rigid structures and carries heavyweights.

(2). BY TONS

With the advancement in technology and science, the tonnage of overhead cranes has become very popular. Cranes have different tones, such as:-

  • 1 ton overhead crane
  • 3 ton overhead crane
  • 50 ton(50 toneladas) overhead crane
  • 100 ton overhead crane


This is the division according to the working sites. They include:-

  • Workstation overhead cranes
  • Indoor overhead cranes
  • Factory overhead cranes
  • Industrial overhead cranes
  • Warehouse overhead cranes


These cranes are classified depending on their type of functions. Examples are:-


This is according to the weight of the materials they can lift. They include:-

  • Light duty overhead crane
  • Heavy duty overhead crane

Features of bridge cranes

(1). Durable materials and a long life of service (2). Excellent design with simple structures (3). Easy to install and operate (4). Easy to maintain and transport (5). Stable performance and elegant appearance (6). They’re equipped with a reliable safety protection system (7). High level of efficiency (8). Exists in various types from the single girder to the unhung type (9). Can customize diferente types to meet your requirements

Benefits of overhead cranes


This is to allow handling of different kinds of materials and products. Aicrane equipments(Aicrane equipos) can give you some good suggestions.


This means they can be configured to meet different needs as they arise

Direct and quick/faster Paths

They are responsible for taking products up over different obstacles rather than having to navigate on the bridge

Easy controlling of materials/loads

Overhead cranes are equipped with pushing button pendant as well as an automatic radio control system. The two devices work independently allowing a greater view of what is happening in the ground thus helps in keeping workers/operators free from any danger that might be brought by a beam.

Reduced maintenance Cost

This is due to the integrated technologies and various capacity levels, and usage, the cranes now require minimal maintenance

Reduced Labor Expenses

They work more efficiently and covers a large area of work as compared to various forklifts


The cranes are equipped with protection systems that are checked regularly to ensure that worker’s safety is maintained.

Greater Lifting

These cranes can helping in carrying all levels of weight. Various overhead cranes have been designed as either heavy duty or light duty.

Single Girder Overhead Crane For Sale

Single Girder Overhead Crane For Sale

Factors to consider when buying a bridge crane

(a). Background of the supplier- Check their records and reviews from their previous clients to understand their credibility. (b). The company’s certification and manufacturing practices- Ensure it’s ISO certified (c). The weight lifting capacity of the crane (d). Size, that is, both height and base area (e). The movement mechanism of that crane

When it comes to installation, consider things like:-

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Cost/price
  • Maintainance
  • Operation cycle.