Taking Advantage Of Mini Concrete Batching Plants

Are you in the market for a new concrete mixing plant for your construction company? If so, you might want to consider checking out the wide range of mini concrete batching plants that are now available to the international market. Those types of plants have many advantages, and they can prove to be an excellent investment option for your company. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Save Space

A big benefit of a mini small concrete batching plant is that it has a very small footprint. Consequently, the machinery is an excellent space saver and can be used without problem on construction sites with limited space. A mini plant really can be set up in just about any area including very remote sites. Don’t be fooled by the small size, however, as such plants still have excellent hourly concrete production outputs.

mini concrete batching plant

2. Durable

Hundreds of construction firms love mini concrete batching plants because of their great durability and functionality. They are very strong devices and are built to operate in some extreme conditions. When you have a reliable piece of equipment, you don’t have to worry about loss in productivity does to breakdowns and delays. A mini concrete plant can be installed in less than three days.

3. Affordable

The low average mini concrete batching plant price is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of such plants. They are incredibly affordable and a great option for small construction firms that don’t have millions of dollars to invest in industrial machinery. The exact price of a mini concrete mixing plant will depend on multiple factors. For example, whether the model is used or new, the size of the mixing drum and the location of the supplier. In general, however, you should not have any problems finding a plant that meets the budget limitations of your business.

4. Advanced Technology

Mini concrete plants are very modernized devices, and models from the world’s leading manufacturers implement cutting edge technology. The lastest automated technology ensures that the plants run in the most efficient manner and that concrete formulations are accurate. You can also buy cheaper models that have semi-automatic operating modes, but the ones with full automation capabilities are the most efficient. You can get more tips at this website: aimixgroup.id/.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you might want to consider investing in a mini concrete batch mixing plant this year. The key to availing of the best prices is to compare many models and brands. Buying a used model can save you a lot of cash, but you need to be aware that used equipment is likely to have significant wear and tear.

There are some great deals to be had on mini concrete batch plant for sale online. You will find many suppliers based in China and India advertising different mixing plants for very low prices. Many of those deals are time-limited, so you need to take advantage of them as soon as you spot a good one. Remember that cost is only one factor that should influence your buying decision.

The Differences Between Stationery Concrete Plant And Mobile Concrete Plant

In terms of capacity, a concrete batching plant can be classified into small and large types. While according to mobility, the small batching plants are divided into mobile type and stationary type. Our company has made a different series of concrete batching plants. Click here to view more details: https://aimixthailand.com/mobile-concrete-batching-plant-for-sale-in-thailand/.

When it comes to the mobile type and stationary type, there’re a few key differences and similarities between them. They are outlined below.

Mobile concrete batching plant

Differences Between Stationery Concrete Plant And Mobile Concrete Plant

1. The major difference is in mobility.

A small mobile concrete plant comes with inbuilt chassis, which is easy for a trailer to drag around. It’s also equipped with tires, which makes it convenient to work with and maintain. On the other hand, a stationary mixing plant is usually fixed on the specific construction sites. This makes them challenging to move.

2. Small mobile cement plants are only of belt type.

The belt greatly assists in enhancing working efficiency since it has a lower failure rate and a long transporting distance. A pro with a stationary concrete plant is that you can customize the aggregate feeding method. This means that customers can opt for bucket type or belt type based on their construction demands.

3. When looking at the control system, there’s a fully automatic system for control purposes in a mobile type plant.

While for stationary batching plants, an electric control system that’s semi-automatic is adopted by the hopper type; there’s full automatic control for the belt conveyor type.

Mobile concrete mixing plant in Thailand
Similarities Between Stationery Concrete Plant And Mobile Concrete Plant

1. Both the mobile type and the stationary type have small volumes.

This means they can’t cover extensive areas.

2. If you’re on a fixed budget, you’ll find small concrete plants to be very economical.

Investing in one of them at a lower cost can bring returns soon.

3. They have a compact and lightweight structure that make them convenient to disassemble, assemble or move.

4. Ways of accurate measuring.

Concentration weighing and separate weighing for choosing. Both techniques can guarantee high accuracy material measuring.

5. Small mobile and stationary batch plants make use of a twin-shaft concrete mixer.

This concrete mixer makes sure that mixing is efficiently done. Also, the plate and liner are built with wear-resistant materials that greatly boost working efficiency as well as prolong the service life of the mixer. Whether it’s a mobile or a stationary plant, a 25 m3/h concrete plant comes with a JS500 concrete mixer while a 35 m3/h batching plant is installed with a JS750 concrete mixer. Both 60 m3/h and 50 m3/h batching plants suit a JS1000 concrete mixer. Learn more about concrete plants at here: Aimixconcreteplantthailand.com.

6. Modern electric control components make use of the popular foreign Schneider brand.

This makes sure that high quality is achieved as well as to lengthen its life span.

7. Both of them are made with the PLD series cement batching machine.

This makes sure that it has maintained a smooth aggregate delivery as well as a normal aggregate feeding.

If you’re planning to choose between a mobile concrete plant or a stationary plant, ensure to check out these major differences and similarities first!

What Affects The Price Of Hollow Block Making Machines?

If you are in the market for a hollow block making machine, you might be wondering what affects the costs. These machines vary in price depending on a number of factors. It is important that you know what these factors are to ensure that you get the right automatic brick making machine price that works for you.

The Automation Level

The level of automation will have a serious impact on the price of the hollow block making machine. A fully automatic cement brick making machine will be more expensive than a semi-automated one. The automation that you need from your machine will vary depending on what you need to do.

hollow concrete block making machine

If you have a small operation, it might be better to look at a fully automated machine. While this will be more expensive to buy, you will get more benefits as there is less intervention required. If you have a tighter budget, a semi-automated machine will be best. It is possible to get a manual machine, but they are generally harder to use.

The Materials It Takes

The materials used to make hollow block will impact the quality and you need to know what the machine takes. Fully automatic cement brick making machine that can work with different ratios will be more expensive and you need to consider this. There are two primary ratios that you should be using for your blocks to get the best quality.

The primary difference in the ratios will be the sand which is included in one and not in the other. The inclusion of this material will be impacted by the machine you have. You need to ensure that the machine you look at is able to handle the materials that you want. Of course, most of the machines on the market will be able to, but there are some that might not.

The Working Principle

The working principle of the machine can also affect the price. The simpler the principle, the cheaper the hollow block machine for sale will generally be. When looking at this factor, you need to consider the benefits that come with each principle.

hollow brick machine

Vibration formation is one which offers the best uniformity to the clocks. The blocks will also have a compact structure and high density. As the name suggests, this principle will vibrate the block mixture to form the product.

The other common principle will be hydraulic pressure and vibration formation. This dual principle will create blocks that have a high density and a high freeze resistance. The blocks will also offer greater insulation in terms of heat and noise as well as high permeation resistance.

The dual principle machines will often be more expensive than vibration only. However, it is important that you consider what you want the blocks to offer instead of focusing on the price. Get more details here: https://aimixbangladesh.com/.

There are many factors that affect the price of a hollow block making machine. These factors will include the level of automation as well as the materials you can use with the machine. The working principle will also be a factor to consider.

Concrete Batching Mixer Plant

The quality of the concrete produced by the concrete mixer is based on ingredients and the type of concrete mixer used. Some concrete mixer firms offer the form of a ready mix concrete which has been mixed in the manufacturing plants and then transported to the construction site using the concrete trucks.

Others have a portable concrete mixer which can be moved from one site to another. This type is suitable for small scale construction projects. In the case of large projects, a permanent Concrete Mixer can be established in the to reduce the transportation cost of the concrete from the main plant since this may at a relatively long distance.

Concrete mixer plant

Concrete mixer plant

Electric Concrete Mixer

An electric concrete mixer ( planta de concreto premezclado en venta ) is gaining popularity in the modern era of digitalization of equipment. It has become the most popular type of mixer currently used on the market. It has many advantages over the diesel driven concrete mixers in that its operations can be computerized to perform large quantities of work with very minimal human labor needed. It usually produces concrete of very high quality since the ratio of the ingredients are measured with a computerized weighing machine thus the accurate rations well maintained. It can also operate for long hours without getting exhausted unlike the diesel types thus very effective in construction requiring a large amount of the concrete.

The problem with such type of an electric concrete mixer is that its operations are entirely depended on places with access to electricity or an electric generator is used instead. This may escalate the construction ( escalar la construcción ) cost instead. Note If the electric concrete Mixer designed to produce ready-mix concrete poor ingredient loading into the concrete mixer by a certain amount means that changes in this amount cannot be done in real time since the speed at which it operates is very high.

Types Of Concreto Plant Construction

Types Of Concreto Plant Construction

Volumetric concrete mixer

This concrete mixer device has the capability of measuring raw concrete raw materials, using a container with specified volume capacities while producing concrete. The ratio of each component of the concrete ingredient is ​​carefully measured before being delivered to the mixing container where it is mixed with water. The concrete produced can be measured if a specific quantity of concrete is required and the channeled to the concrete pump ( bombeo de concreto premezclado ) to pump it to the trench. The volumetric concrete mixer can be customized to suit your project specifications ranging from small construction projects to large industrial projects.

Concrete Batching Plant Mixer

Concrete Batching Plant Mixer

Advantages of volume cement mixers

The portable volumetric concrete mixer offers a much more adjustable choice for regular mixers since it enables them to mix concrete on site. It is also a more reliable and accurate way to produce concrete due to the minimized waste of various ingredients ( ingredientes ). Changing the amount of the ration of ingredients when needed is easier with this type of truck is in place. Excess concrete can be difficult to remove, but you will never have this problem in a Concrete Mixer. Whether you want to increase or decrease the amount produced, you can do it easily and without delay in your project.

Regular manual calculation of the exact amount of concrete required to complete a task can be a challenging chore, but the volume mixer makes this process much easier. Note these concrete mixer can be designed with different sizes so whether you are looking for a concrete mixer with very high efficiency always consider choosing volumetric concrete mixer as they are furthermore economical in all types of construction you are undertaking

Maintenance and repair of concrete mixers

Used concrete mixers can be repaired and they resume their normal working rate just for a little amount of money. You can still find the right parts that can be replaced if necessary.

Know the specifications of your concrete mixer before buying any second-hand spare parts since they may not be compatible with your concrete mixer. However, this does not suggest you buying used mixer parts. Note they can also have other problems not visible until you try them in your machine. You can buy new parts for your used mixer to save money in the future.

It is much recommended to hire a concrete machine if you are undertaking a small construction project instead of buying a new one unless you will proceed with other major construction projects.

A Few Basic Requirements To Become A 50-Ton Overhead Crane Operator

If you are looking for an exciting, fast-paced career with plenty of job opportunities, becoming a crane operator is a great option. Crane operators work in a variety of different industries, meaning that you can find employment in a field that interests you after you are trained and licensed. If this sounds like a job that you might enjoy, keep reading to learn more about the basic requirements to become a 50-ton overhead crane operator.

50ton overhead bridge crane

50ton overhead bridge crane

Crane Operator Job Requirements

1. Education.

The best way to get an education as a overhead crane operator(operador de grúas viajeras) is by working as an apprentice. Within the industry, apprenticeships are relatively easy to find, although they can be quite competitive. You should plan on working as an apprentice for several years while you learn the ins and outs of how to operate the crane safely. These programs usually incorporate both on-the-job training and classroom-based learning.

2. Licensing.

Different locations have different requirements when it comes to licensing for crane operators. You will need to determine the requirements in the area where you plan on working to make sure that you are in compliance. Obtaining a license is usually relatively easy.

In most cases, you will need to take and pass a written test. You also may have to undergo a physical examination to make sure that you don’t have any health problems that could interfere with your ability to safely operate the crane. Finally, you will usually also be asked to demonstrate that you know how to properly operate a crane(operar correctamente una grúa) before you are granted a license.

3. Personality Traits

It takes a special kind of person to be a good crane operator. Not everyone is cut out for the job. Any time you are moving loads that weigh as much as 50-tons, there are a lot of safety issues involved. This can create quite a bit of stress. To ensure that the job is a good fit, you should have certain personality traits(rasgos de personalidad).

You need to be good at paying attention to small details. When moving heavy loads, a lot of little steps go into the process. To ensure that all of those steps are completed properly, you need to be able to stay extremely focused on what you are doing. If you are easily distracted or if you are more of a big-picture person instead of being detail-oriented, you may want to look for a different career.

50 ton overhead crane for sale

50 ton overhead crane for sale

You also need to be able to work well under pressure. Working as a crane operator involves a lot of responsibility. If you don’t like the idea of other people depending on you, this may not be the right career choice for you.

Now that you have a better idea of the requirements to become a 50-ton overhead crane operator, it should be easier to decide if it is a career that you want to pursue. If you are still on the fence, you may want to try talking to people who currently work as crane operators to learn more about how well they like their jobs.

If you want to become a 50 ton crane operator, you can learn more information about this machine from here: https://weihuagruas.com.mx/weihua-grua-de-50-toneladas-para-la-venta/

Which Light Duty Gantry Crane Is The Best One For Your Business?

If all you need for your business is the smallest possible gantry crane that is available, you should get one that is a light duty model. It’s going to be optimal for your business, especially if it is smaller, and you don’t have a lot of room. Although shops might be ideal for this particular type of gantry crane, it might be better to use it in certain areas of your warehouse. Although you probably have others that are designed to move the larger loads, sometimes pallets of material need to be dispersed or placed in different areas. Here is how you can decide which light duty gantry crane will work best for your business.

High Quality Light Duty Gantry Crane

What Does A Light Duty Gantry Crane Do?

First of all, these are portable. They will have rollers so you can move it around. There will be locks so that it can stay stationary as you are getting it ready to lift the load. The loads that it can lift can be anywhere from a single ton up to 10 tons, perhaps more. It’s for light work, lifting objects that a larger gantry crane simply not be necessary for. If you have a warehouse, or a material yard, this would be ideal. Additionally, since they are so small, you could actually take them to different locations when necessary. https://www.gantrycranesales.com/light-duty-gantry-crane/

Different Types Of Light Duty Cranes

There are different types of these gantry cranes that you can purchase. As mentioned before, some of them are portable. There are also the adjustable type, and also semi gantry cranes. You can also get truss gantry cranes as well. They have a span length of about 6 m giving you plenty of room in between to use the trolley that can move things back-and-forth. Additionally, lifting height can be as high as 6 m as well, allowing you to do small jobs without any problem.


Where Can You Get Some Of The Better Ones That Are

Popular Gantry Crane for Sale


Some of the best ones tend to be from countries outside of the United States. It’s not just because of the price. There are businesses that have been producing these for decades and know exactly what they are doing. Plus, they have access to all of the materials that will be necessary to build them for less. Saving money is usually why people go to countries like China to get them. However, it’s also for the quality of the products that are manufactured. If you do need a light duty gantry crane for your facility, this might be the optimal place to start searching.

The cost of these cranes will be several thousand dollars. You can save money by simply comparing all of the businesses that do have them available. If you are ready to purchase one, go on the websites of the gantry crane manufacturers. See if they are currently running any specials. If they are, take advantage of the cost savings for both the product and the shipping and have yours shipped out this month.

How To Ensure The Safety Levels Of Those Using A 5 Ton Winch

It is so important to operate a winch as safely as possible. There are some that can lift as much as 100 tons or more. However, even the smaller ones which are only able to lift 5 tons are those that can also lead to safety problems. It usually has to do with pushing the winch beyond its capacity, or operating it in an unsafe manner. You may have someone come on board that does not how to use it properly. All of these problems can lead to injuries that could be avoided. Here are some ways to ensure that the safety of those that are using a 5 ton winch.

5T electric winch with double brake

5T electric winch with double brake

How Do You Use A 5 Ton Winch?

It’s not that hard to use one. In fact, you may find yourself becoming very adept within a few hours of learning how to use the controls. As with most of these devices, there is a simple power switch, brake, and controls to lift and lower the materials. If it is connected to a crane (grua), you will also have controls to move it left or right. Other than that, there’s nothing more to using one of these devices which can be so helpful.

Safety Problems That Can Occur

Some of the safety problems that you may experience will include a cable that could snap. This could be due to a faulty cable, or lifting more than the 5 tons(5 toneladas) that is permitted. Another possibility is that the motor could go out. This could be the result of a motor that is not properly designed, or pushing the motor beyond its limits. Finally, you can also have problems if you are someone that does not know how to use it properly, leading to accidents by moving the controls the wrong way at the wrong time.

How To Improve Safety Levels Using These Winches

Improving safety levels is relatively simple to achieve. First of all, everyone needs to go to the proper training. They will understand how to use the controls, and will be aware of the capacity for each winch that you have, including a new one that may have different controls and all of the others. Proper training and awareness of safety procedures(procesos seguros) to use is the key to making sure that you are able to get this done. By the end of the day, you should have no problem at all instructing all of the people that are going to be using the winch how to use it properly.

5T winch from Ellsen

5T electric winch from Ellsen

If you are purchasing one of these from a reliable company just like Ellsen Machinery(Ellsen Maquinaria), you will not have to worry about the construction of the device of the motors that they are using. Safety issues rarely come from the first few years of using a brand-new 5 ton Winch. If you do have any problems, if you are obtaining this from a company that offers a good guarantee, there should be no problem with keeping everyone safe. You can find out more from the manufacturers, perhaps obtaining instructions on how to operate the device that can be studied. At the very least, you can gradually learn what to do by spending a few hours practicing, and then use it on a consistent basis with your business.

4 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Concrete Mixing Pump

Once you decide to buy a concrete mixing pump, do not rush to buy it. Most people have bought the wrong concrete mixing pump because they were not willing to do proper research. These days, it is easy to find the best concrete mixing pumps, but you must do proper research.

Here are the factors to consider before buying this pump.

1. The Price

There are so many sellers that sell this pump. And, all of these sellers have different prices. Most people select sellers that have the cheapest prices because they want to save money. These sellers have cheap concrete mixer with pump price for a reason, so do not rush to select them.

The first thing you need to do is to create a budget and look for sellers that suit your budget. If you know the amount you are willing to spend on this pump, you will never have a problem picking the right seller. In fact, you will pick a seller that has affordable prices and sells quality concrete mixing pumps.

2. Shipping Cost

Most people do not check the shipping cost, especially when they are buying this concrete mixer machine with pump online. They compare the prices of several online sellers. Then, they pick a seller that has affordable prices. However, they assume all these online sellers have the same shipping cost.

mixing pump

If the online seller has very cheap prices, it means it has a high shipping cost. It increases its shipping cost if it wants to make money. So, you do not check the prices of the pump alone. Compare the shipping costs of the different online sellers. And pick the one that has cheap prices and shipping cost.

3. The Reputation of the Seller

It is easy to know the reputation of any seller these days. You can easily find any information online. So, you can find reviews of different sellers online. Read these reviews, especially if you want to know the reputation of these sellers. People who write these reviews have bought these bơm tĩnh bê tông.

Reputable sellers get good reviews because they sell quality pumps. They have sold several pumps and most of their customers say positive things about these sellers. However, some sellers get negative reviews because they sell low-quality pumps. Do not use these sellers.

4. Your Location

If there are no manufacturers in your city or country, it means you will have to import this concrete mixing pump. However, you may not know the taxes that you must pay when importing this pump. Instead of worrying about these taxes, look for a local seller.

concrete pump with mixer

There are local sellers that import these pumps. So, visit the offices or stores of these sellers to check out their pumps. If they do not have what you are looking for, ask them to import it for you. They will pay all the taxes and you will only pay them once.

These are the factors to consider before buying a concrete mixing pump. Buy this pump from a reputable seller if you do not want to lose your hard earned money. Check more pump details here: https://concretemixerwithpump.com/concrete-pump-in-malaysia/.

Information On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Suspended Bridge Cranes

I have witnessed lots of project managers successfully use suspended bridge cranes (мостовые краны) to complete a project much earlier than was originally planned. These cranes are powerful tools that can quickly change the trajectory of a given project. However, understanding how to properly use these cranes requires lots of industry knowledge and expertise. Throughout the years, I’ve grown to become quickly aware of when these types of cranes should be used. With this in mind, here is some useful info regarding the advantages and disadvantages of suspended bridge cranes.

Single Girder Overhead Crane

Information On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Suspended Bridge Cranes

Perhaps the biggest advantage I have seen regarding these cranes is cost (цена мостового крана). Using suspended bridge cranes can be very cost-effective in the right situations. Although the initial costs to lease this crane may be higher than other comparable cranes, the efficiency that is achieved from this crane makes it much more cost-effective. Lots of managers are blinded by initial costs of certain machines and tools that they neglect to look into cost-effectiveness. Initial costs to acquire and install a given machine only paints half the picture of whether they are efficient or not. If a crane costs more but can complete a project in half the time, then it’s clearly the better option.

Hence, judging from the projects that I have worked on, suspended bridge cranes have been tremendously efficient regarding cost. Considering that the cost of running a construction project or site is one of the key factors which determine overall profits, it’s clear that making use of this type of crane could be highly beneficial. Of course, this type of crane can only be used for certain types of projects. The sometimes limited applications of bridge cranes are perhaps one of the major downsides that come with the crane. However, overall, I think that many projects have a lot to gain from using these cranes.

Overhead Crane for sale in China

Single Girder Overhead Crane For Sale

Another downfall that comes with using suspended bridge cranes is the fact that they require a lot of space. Space requirements are something that many managers have to organize efficiently when running a construction site. Space is expensive and using too much space can mean that the efficient running of other operations can be negatively influenced. Thus, the fact that these cranes take up a large amount of space relative to other cranes is a downside that must be taken into consideration. However, for larger projects which are located outside of urban areas where space is expensive, bridge cranes are often well worth the money.

I believe that suspended bridge cranes are one of the best cranes to use for a number of different projects. Especially when looking at large developments outside of urban areas, these cranes can boost the efficiency of a site dramatically. For this reason, I constantly recommend to colleagues that they consider using this crane. However, at the same time, I am well aware of the potential downfalls that can arise from using this crane in the wrong situations. Because of this, I urge all managers to be careful when making decisions regarding what crane to use for the projects that they manage.

Features And Benefits Of Overhead Crane

An overhead crane which is commonly referred to as a bridge crane is a type of crane that is mostly used in industrial environments. It’s a type of lifting equipment for hoist materials over the warehouse, workstation, and stockyards. Overhead cranes consist of parallel runways and a traveling bridge that spans the gap. If this bridge was to be rigidly supported on two/more legs, then it would be called a gantry bridge. An overhead crane runs longitudinally along the rail on both sides. Bridge cranes are essential tools and pieces of equipment for mechanization and automation in modern crane transportation and industrial production.

Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Components of an overhead crane


  • (a). Steel/body structure- This includes parts like the bridge structure, trolley structure, and the operating room.
  • (b). Crane traveling mechanism- This consist of the four traveling wheels, that is, two driving wheels, and two driven wheels.
  • (c). Lifting mechanism- This includes the hooks and the set of the drive system.
  • (d). Trolley traveling mechanism- This is where the motor drives the vertical involute gear reducer
  • (e). Other parts include the buffer, gear rack, and the crane conductive frame.

If you wan to get more info about overhead bridge crane, look at this: https://aicrane.com.mx/venta-de-gruas-viajeras/

Classification of overhead cranes

They can be classified according to the following broad categories:  

  • By girders
  • By tons
  • By occasions
  • By types
  • By capacity


Overhead cranes are composed of single and double girders.

  • -Single girder overhead cranes have one bridge beam and can be applied in different work occasions like in a factory or a warehouse. It uses its lifting mechanism CD1, MD1, and other electric hoists.
  • The double girder overhead crane is made of more complex and rigid structures and carries heavyweights.

(2). BY TONS

With the advancement in technology and science, the tonnage of overhead cranes has become very popular. Cranes have different tones, such as:-

  • 1 ton overhead crane
  • 3 ton overhead crane
  • 50 ton(50 toneladas) overhead crane
  • 100 ton overhead crane


This is the division according to the working sites. They include:-

  • Workstation overhead cranes
  • Indoor overhead cranes
  • Factory overhead cranes
  • Industrial overhead cranes
  • Warehouse overhead cranes


These cranes are classified depending on their type of functions. Examples are:-


This is according to the weight of the materials they can lift. They include:-

  • Light duty overhead crane
  • Heavy duty overhead crane

Features of bridge cranes

(1). Durable materials and a long life of service (2). Excellent design with simple structures (3). Easy to install and operate (4). Easy to maintain and transport (5). Stable performance and elegant appearance (6). They’re equipped with a reliable safety protection system (7). High level of efficiency (8). Exists in various types from the single girder to the unhung type (9). Can customize diferente types to meet your requirements

Benefits of overhead cranes


This is to allow handling of different kinds of materials and products. Aicrane equipments(Aicrane equipos) can give you some good suggestions.


This means they can be configured to meet different needs as they arise

Direct and quick/faster Paths

They are responsible for taking products up over different obstacles rather than having to navigate on the bridge

Easy controlling of materials/loads

Overhead cranes are equipped with pushing button pendant as well as an automatic radio control system. The two devices work independently allowing a greater view of what is happening in the ground thus helps in keeping workers/operators free from any danger that might be brought by a beam.

Reduced maintenance Cost

This is due to the integrated technologies and various capacity levels, and usage, the cranes now require minimal maintenance

Reduced Labor Expenses

They work more efficiently and covers a large area of work as compared to various forklifts


The cranes are equipped with protection systems that are checked regularly to ensure that worker’s safety is maintained.

Greater Lifting

These cranes can helping in carrying all levels of weight. Various overhead cranes have been designed as either heavy duty or light duty.

Single Girder Overhead Crane For Sale

Single Girder Overhead Crane For Sale

Factors to consider when buying a bridge crane

(a). Background of the supplier- Check their records and reviews from their previous clients to understand their credibility. (b). The company’s certification and manufacturing practices- Ensure it’s ISO certified (c). The weight lifting capacity of the crane (d). Size, that is, both height and base area (e). The movement mechanism of that crane

When it comes to installation, consider things like:-

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Cost/price
  • Maintainance
  • Operation cycle.